Asiago region is beautiful not only from the ground, but also from the sky. You can reach the airport for air gliders and small tourist planes by foot from the city centre.

The Plateau had a main role in the Italian aviation history: in Asiago it was held the First International Gliding Championship hosted by Italy (with starting point from Mount Sisemol of Gallio).

On the 14th October 1924, the German Martens settled in the Plateau the new world record with a flight of 20 km and a duration of 18 minutes. The airport, dedicated to the memory of the aviator Romeo Sartori who died on 3rd August 1933, was built on the outskirts of Asiago and opened on 23rd August 1936.

In the Seventies, the airport was equipped with a concrete runway and started to serve civilian needs. Now the airport is a central point in the Asiago area for all those who want to watch the Plateau from the sky, gliding or on board of a small plane.

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