The forests of Asiago are home to many bird species, such as lark, tree pipit, whinchat and white wagtail. Here also live tit, blackcap and bullfinch and, in the pine forests, set, creeper, finch and woodpecker. The high mountains are inhabited by huge capercaillie (or grouse), ptarmigan, black grouse, swift alpine, alpine chough and raven. And above all the forests and hills flies the imperturbable, dignified golden eagle, of which there are only few breeding pairs left.

In this natural paradise live many mammals too, such as fox, badger, squirrel, mountain hare, ermine, marten, dormouse, roe deer, red deer, chamois and mouflon. Recently some brown bears too have been seen in the area. A long time ago bears were quite widespread on the Plateau; now they occasionally arrive here from Trentino, where a program for protection and reintroduction of bears is actively practiced.

The reptiles living here include viper berus or adder, grass snake of Aesculapius and grass snake. There is also the salamander Atra Aurorae, the species of which in yellow and black colouring you can only see in Asiago Plateau.


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