From 1310 to 1807, the “Spettabile Reggenza (Regency) of the 7 Municipalities”, with Asiago as capital, represented an autonomous government, being the second example in the world of democratic government after the Swiss Confederation. It was a proper, small country which enjoyed special privileges granted by the Republic of Venice.

The population every year elected the regent and councillors; the location of government could be changed from one city to the other, guaranteeing thus the stability of the government. In those years the Militia of the 7 Municipalities was formed: it was a small army of fifteen hundred men, who protected the borders on the North from barbarian invasions.

The small state had also its ambassadors to Venice, Vienna and other cities. The motto of the State - nowadays still remembered - proclaims in ancient Cimbrian: “Sleghe un Lusaan, Genebe un Vüsche, Ghel, Rotz, Robaan. Dise saint Siben Alte Komoine, Prüdere Liben”, which means: “Asiago, Lusiana, Enego, Foza, Gallio, Rotzo, Roana. These are the ancient 7 Municipalities, in brotherly love united”.

In the council chamber of the City Hall of Asiago, which used to be the seat of the Regency, you can find a beautiful picture depicting the total commitment of the Plateau to Venice, while outside you can see the coats of arms of the 7 Municipalities.


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