Metti a fuoco! the winning photos

Feb. 26, in the council chamber of the town hall of Asiago, took place the awards of "Metti a fuoco", the photo competition combined with the music-pyrotechnical "Asiago ... Fiocchi di Luce 2013”, held on 2 and 3 February in Asiago with two wonderful evenings of fireworks and music.

The photo competition was reserved for the public and each spectator could participate with three clicks.

At the Tourist Information Desk of the City of Asiago are received about 300 pictures from all over Italy (sign of the great appeal of the event), among which it was not really easy to choose the winners shots.

The first place went to Valeria Lobbia, with the photo "It's magic ... it's magic", a fairy-tale landscape of snowy white Asiago with a magnificent waterfall of fireworks.

In second place, on a par, Roberto Costa Ebech with "Fire colors", that captures in a single shot simultaneous explosion of different colors, and Roberta Strazzabosco with "Lux facta est", which captures a fascinating picture of the bell tower of Asiago with the backdrop of fireworks.

Ex aequo also in third place, for Angelo Miglioranzi with "Elegant heads", which portrays white fireworks cascading over a snow-covered lawn, and Roberto Galvan with "The light tree", where the fires are the colored background with black silhouettes of the trees.

Presiding over the award ceremony, the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Tourism of Asiago, Roberto Rigoni.

This year the prize "Sharpen" allowed to live again, just a few weeks away, the wonder of "Asiago ... Fiocchi di Luce", the event that lights up the winter Asiago sky for seven years attracting thousands of spectators and which became, of course, a fixture for many photography enthusiasts.


©Consorzio Turistico Asiago 7 Comuni 2013