The magnificent memorial stands on Leiten Hill, overlooking the entire town of Asiago. Inside the memorial rest almost 60,000 soldiers.

The military memorial was opened on the 17th July 1938. It was designed by architect Orfeo Rosato and built of the local white marble; the building contains works of the sculptors Montini and Zanetti.

EXTERIOR: The building has a squared base of 160 m2. There is a terrace, accessed by two frontal staircases with parapet, and decorated with arrows that indicate the places of the most severe battles. Another staircase leads to the top of a majestic four-sided arch with a votive area in the centre.

INTERIOR: On the ground floor, a sort of “crypt”, there are the remains of the Fallen placed in loculi along the perimetral and the axial corridors. The corridors converge to an octagonal chapel with altar; on the walls you can see the remains of twelve soldiers awarded with the Gold Medal of Military Valour. The memorial houses the remains of 33,086 fallen Italians (including 12,795 identified, placed in individual loculi and 20,291 unknown, placed together in collective graves). There are also the remains of 18,505 Austro-Hungarian soldiers (of which 12,355 are unknown) and brought here from the war cemeteries in the Plateau.

MUSEUM: Not far from the entrance of the memorial there is a museum, housing many relics, collected on the battlefields of the Plateau, as well as documents and historic photographs depicting dramatic battles. The section on the left represents artefacts from the battles fought in the mountain region, from the Adige to the Brenta, during the first two years of the war (1915-1916). The section on the right presents documents of the events in the period 1917-1918, when the war reached its peak and ended with the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The memorial is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 17 (the museum closes at 16:30).



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