The First World War meant a disaster for the mountains and villages of the Plateau. The disruption of the region changed it drastically, and you can still see the traces of the great battles.

During the war, the Plateau was completely evacuated, which left a deep wound in the history and culture of the local people.
Nowadays you can visit the remains of military fortresses, posts, trenches and war cemeteries. All these elements have become a part of the great natural beauty, which fortunately was able to prevail above the damages of the war.

For those who enjoy trekking and mountain biking (in summer) or cross-country skiing (in winter), it will be interesting to see the large open-air museum and its numerous educational installations that stand on the “Path of Peace”.

In the Military Memorial of Leiten lie remains of 60,000 fallen soldiers; in Canove of Roana there is also the Museum of the 1915-1918 War, dedicated to the Great War fought in 1915-1918.


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